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Reality dispels superstition – dealing with populist structures Monism dispels the myths of Dualism

I would like to suggest the following……

Our physical world is built out of positive/negative dualistic physics, and human experience frames everything on that dualistic way of seeing everything (perceived good and evil)….. but we humans are also necessarily a part of the monistic oneness… (oneness at the root of it all) which our physical world is formed out of……. so we are at once, aware of the dual nature of the universe, but at the same time, we are children of oneness….

Because we are children of oneness, each of us are DIRECTLY CONNECTED to the Oneness, and each one of us can look inside ourselves to find everything we need. We DO NOT need to look outside ourselves for that “HOME”.

All human beings share in the connection to oneness which is the background all of our physical experience is painted on.

Why am i proposing this? 🙂

Back to the problem of populism and how it turns our human mind into a “mind riot”……

On the one hand, these populist types of views are relatively easily accepted by folks who see this world we live in as Dualistic….. by this, i mean the worldview that the universe somehow is in a state of war between a good force and an evil force) In this scenario, there is always a war of good and evil…. of “the people”…. being the good guys, fighting “righteously” against some villianized group “the elite” being whomever the good guys wish to blame……. many movies these days have this storyline as a base. (almost all??) This gives rise to pointing fingers and….. Blame blame and more blame……

Somehow, even though the Judeo/Christian worldview is not a dualistic worldview at its roots (that is the case, by the way…. the root of monotheism is ONE), the western world, and pretty much the history all of humanity, has come to the conclusion that this dualistic “moral” struggle between good and evil actually exists.

i think this is mostly due to the fact that the physical macro-world we see with our 5 senses, exists due to one essence being held apart by “positive/negative” forces. If those forces (the laws of physics and quantum physics) didn’t exist, our physical universe would not exist.

But is dualism at the root of everything, or is it simply only “skin deep” : is it the essence of everything, or simply just the way our universe is built?

Is there a Oneness at the root of it all, or is Dualism “straight to the bone marrow” of everything?

I choose “monism” as an alternative worldview to represent what i see.

In this worldview, all things arise from a single (proto-unseparated) source, and are developed into physical or material things using two opposite forces (most easily seen in positive/negative forces). These “pulled apart” opposites are necessary to form anything “material” or “physical”. And our whole “universe” is built on this “physics”…. The fact that everything around us is built on this illusion that “the universe is two”, forms our human base understanding of literally EVERYTHING. But in reality….. everything arises from ONE.

This illusion of good vs evil, is also the root of our subconscious fear of the boogeyman, the devil, dark places, “something” moving in the tall grass, etc. this illusion is also necessary for self-preservation…

So, if we step back from the currently accepted dualistic worldview, where some unseen dark forces are working “behind the scenes” (really, this is just superstition at work!!) and instead, if we try to understand what we are seeing in our current world affairs, as simply being a group of physical human folks using the accepted system to their personal advantage… then conspiracy and superstitious theories tend to fall apart all by themselves.(we also need to remember that when the “good guys” get into power, that they often become “the elite” or “the bad guys” thru a process of “more time equals more corruption”… what’s up with that?? govts, churches…. all power structures have this problem… its not the good guys vs the bad guys, it is “whoever gets into power will fall into corruption in relation to the amount of time they are in power)

Conspiracy theories need some “unseen” hidden (evil) forces doing their best to wreck havoc on “the people”… the good guys….. human leaders and alphas have used this subconscious fear to manipulate folks since the beginning of humanity….

But the hidden evil forces story that they play upon, is not the reality of the situation. And as soon as this “evil force” scare tactic is placed in the story, the chance of seeing the forces that are ACTUALLY at play disappears.

In reality, what is happening is very simple….. it is a human story of “a guy” using his words, thought and acts…..trying to get what the other guy has…. trying to get to a power position….. which by the way, also formed the base of the first human laws that we created (don’t take other folks stuff, don’t envy other folks stuff, don’t kill other folks for their stuff, don’t lie to manipulate your way up the ladder, etc) …. and this human story is also a story of “a guy” not knowing how to control his anger….. and not being clear about the actual forces at play.

if we see that this human story is simply normal human beings greedily thinking of ways to grab fame,power and money and being willing to suppress others liberty in order to get it (and build conspiracy theories to scare “the people” with) … then we can untangle the lies that those greedy people tell us to control us…….

And the less superstitions we have, the better.
Superstitions ( like the myth of good and evil) cloud our concepts of reality, and can be used by manipulative people. Superstition is the result of mind sickness… this is easy to see when we look at how the more “conspiracy” things a person believes, the more mentally twisted that person becomes… and the leaders themselves fall victim to the paranoia of their own conspiracy thinking (Stalin, etc)

If we can clear these cloudy ideas away, then we can see the truth… which is that the “perceived dualism” we see on the surface of the universe, has an underlying root of oneness……

Why does this matter?
It matters because we need to see that:
– All humans who have ever lived are simply humans….. not gods or something…. so we are all on a level playing field in this sense.
– We can and must learn to rely on our OWN judgement, if we deal with the fears which confuse our thinking…..
– There are no unseen forces where “the devil made me do it”, so each of us human beings are responsible for our own mess, and if we made the mess, then we need to clean it up to the best of our ability.

This puts the onus or responsibility to fix things, on us as individuals, and exposes the way a dualistic way of thinking messes with our minds……

(thus ends my prattle for this sunday am 🙂 )

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