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Lifes Fullness……. our birthright!

Ask yourself a simple question.”Am i experiencing fullness at this moment?”
If there is a question which rises from this……ask
“What is missing in this moment which creates a lacking?”
Let the answer pour out…..
The answer will be very revealing of what things you feel you need in order to experience life at its best.
The truth is, we are inborn with everything we need to experience life to its fullest…..
There is no door to open…. it is a gateless gate!…. Walk through!
There are no conditions.

Of course we need air, food, water, and a place to rest…. and a “mate” is wonderful……
But in terms of our flow of experience, there is nothing lacking.
To spend time looking for something that is missing, is itself to miss this moments experiencing of lifes fullness.
Our experiencing of fullness does not depend on anything outside ourselves….. no life circumstances can create a sense of fullness…… it is inborn in us… it is our inheritance…. our birthright as human beings.
We are perfect from our first breath to our last!🙏🙏🙏

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