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Hindrances to Self-Mastery – Master Shi Heng Yi

TED talk by Master Shi Heng Yi
5 Hindrances to Experiencing your Uniqueness (Mastering Yourself) :
1. – Getting tied up in sensual desires.
2. – Getting tied up in Ill Will. Anger, negativity.
3. – Getting tied up in sleepiness and lack of energy. Depression.
4. – Getting caught up in restlessness – monkey mind
5. – Getting caught up in second guessing yourself, skeptical thought, indecisiveness.

Recognize at any time what state of mind you are caught up in…. release…. find YOUR way to bring yourself back to center, and release yourself from being caught by these hindrances….

Learn to Investigate what is happening… Learn to look deeply into how you are being tied up…..
Stop identifying with your life circumstances…..
Be a free agent!

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