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A verse about watching

One bead is one moment of our experience …. flowing… wrapped in reflections…. reflected on a bead of water …. reflections constantly changing….. due to time and space….. a sense of movement…… is there a reality? Is there time and space?….. hit your head on concrete, then it is clear.

Our experiencing is one bead of water moment…… flowing…..
then one moment, the reflections are “head hitting concrete”….. then a bit of blood…. then “AH HA!”.

Now the bead of water is THIS moment (when is it not?)…… flowing….. and the reflection on this bead… this clear ball of water…… is this moments life circumstances…… perhaps clouds in the sky…. perhaps a person walking by…… and flows to a new moments life circumstances….. rinse and repeat….. 🙂

Awareness – a ball of clear water – pure and unaffected by reflections

Time and Space – every moments washing reflections

Reflections – on the ball of clear water’s surface

Time – illusory movement of the washing reflections

Space – illusion of the reflections being substantial….. and yet head + velocity + concrete = bloody head

Now – our five senses perceiving the reflections and movement.

Zazen – an opportunity to recognize our awareness , the reflections….. in a pure watchers position…..

Then there is the opportunity to carry that watching thru the following moments….

Note: Awareness is not something which can be trapped in Time and Space…… yet the human mind can trap itself in Time and Space.

Suffering – the human mind trapping itself in Time and Space.


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