Chinul · How to Practice

Chinul on what faith means……..

“Right faith does not put stock in conditioned causes or effects (temporary life circumstances). Rather, it stresses faith that everyone is originally “the one essence”, and that everyone possesses the impeccable pure self-nature, and that the sublime essence of “heaven/the Kingdom of God/Nirvana” is complete in everyone. There is no need to search elsewhere; since time immemorial, it has been innate in everyone.” – Chinul (paraphrased by Uncle Bucky 🙂 )

The decision to be made is, do we walk in the light, or allow our minds to be darkened. Darkened minds always end in harm.


A question:

If everyone (everything!) has pure self-nature, then what mental acrobatics do we need to employ in order to harm another? Well, we need to find some excuse to separate them from ourselves, and pretend that they do NOT have that pure self-nature (and usually something about “they are evil”)… then we might be able to defend our wrong-doing. That is called darkening our mind……. because it is not circumstances that darken our minds, it is us ourselves doing it. It is not some boogeyman darkening our minds…. it is us ourselves doing it.

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