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A touch of Common Sense…… great medicine for our soul

A touch of Common Sense……

We are all human children, in that we get lost in our minds very easily, and often find it hard to get back out.
That is not evidence of some “evil” entity thing going on, there is no boogeyman….. and at the root, there is truly nothing “wrong with us”.
Yet, we are capable of evil things when we do not obey our moral compass ….. this is just simply TOO obvious.

The way back to our center is simply one step… from being out of connection with our center, to being connected to our center…. and this is a practice which never stops being necessary…..
we humans are always one step away from either being connected to our center (walking in the light), or becoming disconnected from our center (walking in darkness). It is instinctual to us….. it isn’t a book that tells us this, it is our guts….

We just get lost easily, and need to be taught practices of how not to wander off.

We need to be taught how to do as we should… socially and personally, and move with the moment by moment flow (natures instinctual setup for humans).

We need to realize that the body, with all its indigestion, aches and pains, often lies to us that there is something WRONG WITH ME OR YOU (and takes on a storyline that sends us spinning) …. when actually, they are just passing aches and pains…..
“Like clouds in the sky….. just wait a few minutes and they will pass” – Shunryu Suzuki (don’t get stuck to them… just watch them pass!)

We are just as we were made to be….. not a God, but perfectly human. We are all perfectly human….. and we need to live together in harmony…. because there are alot of us! 🙂

The human concoction that there is really something wrong with us… that we are fallen from our original form, is a great human myth.

Yes, we are like sheep, and we get lost very easily, especially when we ignore our inner guide, but that is what being human means, and it has been that way from the first human and I expect will be until the last human.

This does not mean that humans don’t do abominable, terrible, evil things to others, when we allow our minds to be darkened by ignoring our inner guide.

We all know that there is an inner moral compass…. even if it is socially “tweaked” for each of us by our cultures….. nothing wrong with that…. (unless we are being lied to) …. we need to live together, and need some rules so we don’t keep pissing each other off constantly.

This is really just simply common sense.

Live free and be happy🙏🙏🙏

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