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“Fix the connection and everything works like a dream!”

i have a monitor on my computer…. sometimes the screen turns yellow.
At first, i looked for problems with the computer, then the monitor….. frustrated… spent hours and hours trying this and that, trying to fix what i was seeing on the screen.
In the end, the issue was with the connection…..
the connection was not good, and so all these issues arose, and many hours wasted trying to find out what was wrong with it.

The point is, many of our experiential problems are just like this…. simply the fact that we are not connected properly, and the screen being yellow was trying to tell me so….. but i misinterpreted what was going on, and so i was frustrated and wasted a bunch of time being fixated on it.

The same could be said of an internet issue…. thinking that the internet perhaps was down…. that the internet companies modem had a problem, that the computer’s modem wasn’t working… in the end, it was a poor connection.

~Fix the connection and everything works like a dream~

Our life experience… moment by moment walk is just like this….

It is possible to say, that our suffering is simply trying to alert us, saying:

“ Every moment, living with a sense of complete well-being is possible and effortless”, but you are allowing yourself to be fixated on this or that problem, and so you are not experiencing that fullness… that sense of complete well being.

But then how do we throw the switch that turns on the sense of well-being?
So….. well-being is operating 24/7.
It is the experiencing of “this body/mind is a perfect and fully functioning unit”…which it is.

But when we choose to fixate on some life circumstance issue, we close ourselves off from that experience. (we choke it off)

Do we need to go thru years and years of training to find a method, and attain this or that level of freedom, in order to find a way to stop closing off ourselves from the experience of fullness?
Many folks seem to chase this, when the answer is there from the beginning…. it is ours from the beginning….. it is our birthright.
Fullness is a continuous flow which we are naturally a part of …. Are we allowing ourselves to experience that flow, or are we choking it off with our fixations?
Are we waiting for some future time when we are able to be in the flow of fullness? (That sounds a bit like a habitual issue…..)

So, this is the same answer as looking at the computer and monitor to find out what is wrong with them.
There is nothing wrong with the hardware.
Return…. connect….. let go of the clinging mind….. let go of the fixating mind….

Yes, it is we who won’t let go of the fixating mind, it has no hold over us that we don’t give to it.

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