Pan Awareness ism

Panawarenessism (Pan Awareness ism)

Coining a new term…. (maybe, cause I didn’t do complete and extensive DD on the term 🙂 …. here it is…..

Panawarenessism (Pan Awareness ism)
Definition: the belief (or better, experiencing) that awareness is everywhere, and is the fundamental underlying cause/effect/substance of all.

The center of all awareness has no distinctions, like good and bad collapsed into one (actually it might be more like good and bad had not been separated yet)

The physical world grows out of this awareness… like a tree growing out of the soil, with all elements and “things” being of the substance of awareness.

Even to use the term “awareness” is to limit the reality and nature of awareness.

So at the same time as being unfathomable to us, human beings are participants in awareness, being of its substance.

So to place further names, definitions and characteristics on this underlying cause/effect/being/substance, is at once to limit it (when there seem to be no limitations) as well as to put a “death cap” (stops our growing understanding of it) on our understanding/experiencing of it.

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