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Living Experience is One Moment Long

When a living experience becomes one moment old, it is not living experience anymore, it is a memory, and it becomes cast in deteriorating concrete and not alive anymore.

When a living experience becomes a philosophy, it is not a living experience anymore, and it becomes a viewpoint to be ruminated on. It is cast in deteriorating concrete and not alive anymore.

When a philosophy becomes a government or an organization, it’s central edict is to protect itself and become self-perpetuating and self-centered…. (this central edict regulates ALL “for the good of the people” based bills and statutes).

Both philosophical viewpoints and organizations are “dead information” reaching for eternal life.

Eternity is one moment, one moment, one moment…. ongoing…. living….. breathing. The eternity is not in length of life but in the “livingness” of this present moment.

4 thoughts on “Living Experience is One Moment Long

    1. This way of looking at things really lines up with what we were taught “constantly abiding” ….. and when we experience this with “no attitudes, no opinions” removing our expectations and feelings from the picture, We experience “un-retouched” reality…. reality just as it is….. and that is living freely in the moment….. breathing and watching. 🙂


  1. As long as we have expectations of the way things “should be”, we manipulate and bend things, and are unsatisfied….. or is it that we are first unsatisfied, then manipulate and bend things to our will?…. maybe the same thing. 🙂


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