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Returning to Zero – A Mantra of Perfect Practice

For those who have eyes, let them see, for those who have ears, let them hear…….

We are uniquely-positioned-aware-perfect-droplets of water in the vast ocean of water, and it is good (perfect as it is).

We are Mind Quantum Nature set in a lifetime, in a world of Body Physical Nature, and it is good.

From Quantum rises Physical… this is true nature, and we embody the whole of this true nature, and it is good.

We experience a Quantum Unified “IS” in an Dualistic Physical environment of “HERE” and “NOW”, and it is good.

That is our nature and physical nature……. and it is good.

So, when we are practising the free experiencing of this truth…..

We take time, sit in our traditional position, freeing the muscles from their work, and allowing our physical structure to hold itself up, and we breathe quietly…..

Breathing in and out, we say on the out breaths……


Returning to zero

Goals falling away

Expectations falling away

Attitudes falling away

One bead , One moment

Self-sustaining moment


Perfect Relaxation



(Rinse and repeat 🙂 )


Return to zero is to let everything fall away.

Return to zero is to let go of built up opinions, attitudes, anger emotional reactions and their tensions.

Goals falling away is to bring ourselves back to center, where goals are not a tug of war in our mind.

Expectations falling away is to recognize that the Almighty has no expectations of us, that we in turn do not have the right to have expectations of others or our life circumstances.

Attitudes falling away is to let go of our built up assumptions about ourselves, other folks, and our life circumstances.

One bead, One moment is to hold ourselves “current”…. “present in the moment”, like counting beads…. always fully participating in the current moment.

Self-sustaining moment is having living realization in the moment that the character of “this body/mind” is full and complete in and of itself, so there is no need for reaching outside or neediness.

Perfect is having the living realization that there is no lacking and no excess.

Perfect Relaxation is the outcome when all “conditions” have fallen away.

Centered is the outcome when all “conditions” have fallen away.

Breathing is the whole of this self-sustaining perfect moment.

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