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“This moment is perfect in and of itself”

If we say……
“Time is perfect in and of itself”
This statement doesn’t give us much trouble. It simply states that “Time is what it is”…… and it is perfect just as it is.

“This moment is perfect in and of itself”
This statements might give a person some trouble. Why? Because the “contents” of this moment may give us some trouble.

But what does having trouble with this say…… really?

It says “my experiencing of this moment is not perfect in and of itself”.

Translated, this means…..

“Something is happening in this moment which I am dissatisfied with.”

NOW it becomes clear, that our experience is our definition of “a good moment” or “a bad moment” or “a satisfactory moment” or “this moment stinks”……

So it becomes clear that we rate our moments…..

It also becomes clear that somehow we think, when “I” experience this moment, that “I” am making a difference between this being a good or bad moment…… (and that would seem to be a bit arrogant…. wouldn’t it?? 🙂

but in fact,
each moment IS perfect in and of itself.

It is our emotional and mental reactions to a moment that put us in a spin…..

but in fact, we COULD simply experience each moment…. without our layer of critiquing……

We could observe that in fact, each moment is “a clear crystal ball with flowing reflections on it”.

Then we could accept that:

“This moment is perfect in and of itself”

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