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“Always Be Doing The Task At Hand” – (the answer to procrastination)

A few notes on life, and how they came together in a realization……….

A while back, i wrote a note to myself in big letters and stuck it on the wall….. it said “Always Be Doing The Task At Hand”.

One of my favorite aunties had told me once that her biggest difficulty in life was procrastination.

i thought, “perhaps it is a 3rd kid thing”……. i also was a procrastinator.

i often did things out of crisis management… waiting until a task was flagged “critical to get this done immediately” by a client….. always liked to be “doing something else”…..

So things in life just kept piling up, and being clogged and not flowing properly.

No one to blame but myself….. i needed to clean up the mess…..

i realized that there were little glitches in my way of doing things that caused me to not be able to focus in the moment….. those things needed to be dealt with….. once i realized what those things were, i was able to vanquish them…. and i began to experience “quieter” moments, where it wasn’t a hardship to disappear into the task.

Then life began showing me just how flowing and natural it could be when i focus on one task at a time, and keep up rather than putting things off.

Seems like a pretty simple thing really, doesn’t it?

But now I know….

“Be fully in the moment, doing the task at hand”

…………. To experience a Flowing Life……

“Always Be Doing The Task At Hand”

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