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Just thinkin’…. about science and religion and Reality.

Just thinkin……

There are so many levels that we “live” in simultaneously, and each level has its function.

Unfortunately, some still believe that the conscious, awake part of our body/mind system is the most important, and the most evolved. Those who believe this, believe that their conscious belief system is also the most important. Those folks also often believe that this puts them in some sort of control position, and that their belief system helps them capitalize on that.

While those folks believe that somehow this will help them to live an meaningful life, they will find that what we “need” as humans is to not to be found there, but rather by experiencing an integrated participating in reality of “IS WHAT IT IS”. This happens at a deeper level…..

What has become clear to me over the course of my life, is that there are far deeper forces at play, and that the part of our brain which “participates” in that deeper nature are not necessarily “conscious” and able to “rationalize” in the way we normally think.

We are so interconnected in this deep nature, that the small portion of our brain which is “conscious” and “rational” plays a very limited part.

Science in its present form, thinks very arrogantly, that it’s “Me Scientist” format holds more “true” beliefs about nature than its opponent… the “You religious dummy”(and vice versa). There is no “true” belief to be found or formulated there…. although there is alot of “researched data” which comes out of scientific carving things apart to try to understand them.

Many class themselves as “naturalists” which is defined as …. “the philosophical belief that everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted.”

i would like to blow the lid off that by stating that “what has been historically designated as supernatural or spiritual is simply a part of overall Reality, and that one informs the other.”

Science sees this (but won’t admit to it even while it is staring them in the face), but because this has turned into a war of science vs. religious or philosophical belief systems, science is not willing to admit that systems are functioning at the base of what it calls “natural”.

Everyone tries to create a chasm between the “natural” and the “supernatural”…… and this is the biggest fallacy….

While religious folks say “Our belief system is the most complete understanding of what is”, and Science tries to pretend that it also has the most complete understanding of what is, the fact is that there are far deeper forces at play than the “facade” of our physical world presents on its face. What the facade of the physical world presents on its face is often something which masks the reality below it. We must “participate” in that deeper reality in order to see it clearly.

True knowing is not something which happens on the rational level, but the conscious/rational level “parrots” that true knowing, so we think we are smart……

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