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Just Thinkin’ …… Looking for truth in the Future or the Past

Just thinkin’….. about if we should look into the past to find our deep answers, or should we look into the future……It seems religion largely looks to the past, by looking into its scriptures, and saying that far in the past, the ultimate truth was already written, and that this is where we will find our deep life answers. They tend to poohoo modern science to a large degree, and firmly believe that these scriptures which were written many many years ago were 100% scientifically accurate.It seems science largely looks to the future, adding more and more evidence to what has been found so far, and gradually building a more clear picture of life, where it has come from, and where it seems to be heading. They tend to poohoo ancient writings to a large degree, and like to throw the baby out with the bath water when they say that “because there are scientifically inaccurate statements made there, the history written there is ALSO inaccurate”….. this is not a logical assumption….. a text can say “the sun rose”(scientifically inaccurate), while at the same time stating facts about history that are accurate.Almost always, the answer to a question of two opposing poles, is somewhere in the middle. (not that black and white truth seekers like to admit this)…….Folks in the middle ground (includes the writer) suggest that while the scriptures were written before they knew the earth circles the sun, the history recorded there can be highly accurate, and archeology has proven this to be the case many times.For myself, it is with awe that i find deep truths in writings from many many years before man let go of superstition and started being truly scientific, and it is also with awe that i find the deep truths that are being uncovered in our modern times.i am even more filled with awe when i see where the two agree…..

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