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Just thinkin’ about the worlds problems – Part 6

Just thinkin’ about the worlds problems….. 🙂 What is the most basic human problem (issue) in the world today?Here is a set of questions that is probably unanswerable….. but it seems like it needs to be asked….. because the world seems to be like millions of angry bees buzzing around and stinging each other…..What is the most basic of human problems (issues) in the world today?Is it racial inequality?Is it climate change caused by humans?Is it the “pandemic”?Is it the abuse of power by corrupt politicians?Is it the media (media, youtube, internet storylines) and their abuse of power over the minds of their media constituency? Is it the lack of control over whether stories coming out are true or fake news? (When every source of media has its own agenda)Is it humans not submitting to the will of “God”?(and which one??)Are we tyrannized by our own history of the abuse of power? One country’s tyrannizing of another country, or a leader tyrannizing his own people, or media tyrannizing their constituency?What is the base issue that faces us today? …. possibly the base historical issue that has faced humanity since our beginning.i would like to suggest that the base issue facing us, is a lack of a sense of unified direction.What does that mean? In this age when the whole worlds humans have become aware of each other (news flash by news flash….. moment by moment)……It simply means that the human race has no clear unified sense of direction.On this globalized world stage, we will always conflict if there is no larger guideline…..The United Nations has tried to do it…..Religion has tried to unify, governments have tried to unify, kings and queens have tried to unify….. none successfully.————————————If the human race had a clear BASIC unified sense of direction, then persons with a thirst for power and gain (personal power, political power, religious power, etc) would be seen for who they are and could be rooted out based on that unified directions guidelines.But how could the whole human race achieve a unified sense of direction, when each human has his or her opinion(s)?Doesn’t there need to be some base societal guidelines that can be set, that would be wide enough to allow our individual opinions to have the protected space?Is it POSSIBLE to create base inter-societal guidelines?It seems we are in the process of tearing down old societal guidelines, but there doesn’t seem to be an consensus on where to go after we have torn them down!!!There seems to be an general sense of despair accompanying the current world situation…. a despair that says “there is no fixing this…. it is too messed up”…..Everyone on some hobby horse riding it into oblivion…… bugling all the way…….

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