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Just thinkin’ about social values – Part 4

Just thinkin’ about social values ….So, what could be a basis for just and fair inter-personal inter-societal guidelines of conduct that could be used in this global situation?Could it be based on personal opinion? of course not……. we need to start in a more centralized place if we are to find a workable place from which to determine inter-societal guidelines of conduct.Could it be tradition? i think not….. traditions tend to build little clubs with “you are in”, and “you are out”. They can work inside a system, but even then, the majority tyrannize the minority with their narrow rules….. traditions tend to put power in the hands of those who most fit the tradition…… X on Tradition as being a starting place.Could it be a particular set of religious rules? Same problem…. religions tend to build little clubs with “you are in”, and “you are out”. This also creates a majority or most powerful group tyrannizing the rest…….. X on religious rules…..Could it be a particular existing political or governmental system?I think not, as none have been successful…. although there have been more successful than others…..Could it be a particular ideology? X on that….. we have democracy struggling with monarchy, struggling with Communism, struggling with Military regimes……(Another major glitch….. once guidelines are put in place, those with money and power begin to look for loopholes by which to take advantage of the system.)So perhaps we need to look at what PRINCIPLES that would guide the process…….So, perhaps the first principle might be “checks and balances”….. this can work, as it tends to be an ongoing live process of upgrading existing guidelines into check with the current situation.So…… base principles……. it seems a consensus needs to be first arrived at…. perhaps those principles can themselves form the guidelines necessary………It would seem that we are looking for principles with enough breadth to allow individual freedom to exist……..

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