Reliable Guidelines - Cream

Reliable Guidelines – (Cream….. the stuff that seems to keep rising to the top)

What for me, are the guidelines, tools and concepts that seem to be reliable in life?

Life is like music. There needs not to be a point to it. We are here because we are here, enjoy the music.

Be constantly doing a housecleaning of the mind…. put everything outside the door, and if you find it is useful, bring it back in. Don’t clutter.

Always keep the mind in an open and watchful mode.

Remember that our discoveries have more like peeling the layers of an onion and finding what was hidden below, than a process of building concepts. The first is a living growing process, the second is a process of dying and mummifying.

There is no score card kept by some malicious deity who wants to reward or punish us. (sorry…..)

There IS a creative flow…. or creator, and there ARE rules like gravity, and entropy, and for physical creatures, a beginning and an end.
There is also a good set of guidelines for good mental health, and we need to use them.

Do one thing at a time: When i eat: eat, when i wash dishes: wash dishes. “Be doing the task in front of you”

Keep my mind and body in the same present moment together.

Remember the tendency to make everything i learn fit with and prove my theories. (confirmation bias)

Fixations of every kind are not healthy for the human mind.No kind of fixation is healthy, not religious ones, not political ones, not relationship ones…….

Flow……… don’t be stuck. (stuck, bad, flow, good 🙂 )

Center in the breath……… it maintains good balance of mind.

Yoga or some practical form of stretching helps the body stay supple and in the flow of things.

Sitting meditation or some practical form of quiet practice helps the mind to find a daily benchmark from which to find balance.

Never surrender to the sense that i need something,.
Always realize that Need is a child of vain imaginings (self-referential thinking). Other children of vain imaginings: Worry, Unwarranted Fear, Envy, Greed, Uncontrolled Lust, Rage, Self-pity.
These children need to be accepted with open arms, and shown that their sense of incompleteness is a vain imagining, and not a reality.

Balance stems from a sense of completeness.

Keep hitting the “reset” button….. keep coming back to the quiet of the morning in the midst of the day. Keeps things in balance.

(Will keep adding more here) 🙂

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