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Balance … Lack of Balance

i keep reminding myself…… of the importance of balance….

Balance stems from a sense of completeness, leading to a healthy mind.

Life’s circumstances cannot ever provide us with balance, or a sense of completeness.

Balance comes after we learn how to deal with all our inner boogeymen, and realize that we are born with “inner completeness” and that this inner completeness never leaves us.

Balance comes when we realize that there is no boogeyman sneaking around trying to hurt us and steal from us.————————–

A LACK of balance arises from a sense of incompleteness.

(Watch how this lack of balance and a sense of incompleteness snowballs into so many of the things we struggle with…..)

The inner sense of incompleteness breeds all the “bad wolves” of:

– neediness, (I need that so I can be satisfied)

– envy, (That person has this, and I don’t)- hurt, (Oh, that person hurt me!)

– vengeance, (I am going to pay that person back!)

– disappointment, (How could this happen to me?)

– greed, (I need to gather lots of stuff so I am satisfied)

– hate, (I hate the world (a person, a group) for what it has done for me)

– arrogance….(defense of ones self: putting on a mask of arrogance to hide our sense of “not being good enough”)

– sadness, (poor me!)

– Gluttony (eating because I am sad and disappointed)

Medicating because I am sad and disappointed (lust, abuse of drugs, abuse of alcohol)

These things happen because we blame instead of realizing that our issues are inside our own hearts…….

Make balance the #1 goal of your life! 🙂

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