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What if there is only Awareness…..

In the beginning, there was Awareness, and that Awareness is “Being” eternal.

And the Awareness started “Doing”, and began building “Physicality”.

And the beginning of that physicality was the pulling apart bits of Oceanic Unity into dualistic separated particles, which could be used to build more and more complex units. (Pretty difficult to build with stuff that has no surface tension)

No duality of separation, no physicality.

“Oceanic Awareness is like a Well, constantly streaming upwards into physicality.”

In this process, Awareness constantly builds from its own essence, and reaches out to sense the physical surroundings it is building.

Awareness evolves its physicality (nature), and sensory systems so it can better sense its surroundings.

So Awareness builds physicality using the laws of physics, and chemistry to build the next level of existence towards biology, and evolved biology to form beings which grow sensory organs to sense their surroundings……. all biological things show this to be so.

All living beings exhibit the qualities of this Awareness, and are participators in this embryo of Awareness.

So, the process would be:
Unity/ Oneness (Pure Being)
Beginning of Physics (Beginning of Function)
Beginning of Physicality/Root of Duality (cracking oneness into positive/negative)
Basic Subatomic Structure
Atomic Structure
Complex atomic structure/Chemisty
Atomic Interaction/chemical reactions
Basic Biology
Complex Biology

The next level above Complex Biology is society.

Human society created rules to be able to live together.

Awareness supplies all its human children with the tools to build a healthy and functional society.
Individual human awareness can blossom, and develop into social awareness, justice systems, and compassion.
Individual human awareness can also go off the rails and turn itself dark and inward, causing unhealthy tendencies, injustice, envy, anger, greed, and ignorance.

The beginning of human social structure is characterized in the early writings of humans sacred scriptures.

In this worldview, there is no need for boogeymen, or rigid protectionism, or fear of death, there is simply nature, and deeper nature, and deeper nature, and pure awareness….. and the rules are pretty obvious. And the darek outcome of “fighting awareness and nature” which only humans seem to have developed is also pretty obvious.

We humans are all a part of this wonderful awareness becoming flesh…… participators in this awesome connected reality.

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