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What does a worldview based on Awareness look like?

If Awareness, or Oceanic Awareness is the root of everything, then most of our assumptions about the physical universe and its “Primordial” need to be blown away…. it would be a “Start from scratch” scenario….. (and i sense that this is the case)

A general housecleaning of our assumptions…..

As the new framework emerged, all the things we have experienced and experimentally shown, could then be placed as pieces in the puzzle, into this new format and tested.

So i would like to take a shot at what this worldview might look like.

First and foremost would be the characteristics of Awareness……….
Being, Silent Witness, Urge to Action

Being…. pure being, before any movement… yet in and through all movement, like salt in water…….

i have also heard this root characterized as “the silent witness”…….

i would like to also add “Urge”, as it seems there is an urge towards “doing something”.

Silent Witness is possibly the prime characterization, but the Silent Witness also had the Urge to DO something….. otherwise there would be nothing “existing” ……
Whereas concepts of God see him as:
– benevolent , caring, love.
Awareness is not something which picks and chooses….. its function of “Simply watching” is its unbiased and balanced stance…. until the first “separating” and “defining” happens.

This is the Awareness Genesis story…..

In the beginning there was Awareness, and Awareness, from its own essence, created the physical universe. Awareness formed physical things from its own essence by using tension to pull its oneness into a polarized negative/positive tension. This first act created a proto-mass which was the beginning of all duality/dichotomy. Where unity is the characteristic of Pure Awareness, physical existence has its primary characteristic of dichotomy, separation and definition. Along with the beginning of physical existence, its siblings time and space were created, because physical existence requires becoming a point form, in a point in time, in a point in space. From this defined proto-mass and its surface tension, first two, then three, then four proto-masses began sticking together. Whereas before this, there was no stickiness, and everything simply fell apart like trying to build with water, this stickiness rapidly began to form the basis for atoms….. then molecules….. then base elements….. then began chemical reactions….. then base biology, which was the beginning of Awareness building physical sensing systems in the physical world.

So the build process looked like:
– Awareness – Unity/ Oneness (Pure Being)
Other names: The All, The One Essence, Being with an Urge
– Beginning of Physics (Beginning of Function)
Essence creates polarity/spin/…
-Beginning of Physicality/Root of Duality (cracking oneness into positive/negative)
Awareness/Essence creates a polarity ground to build structure
– Basic Subatomic Structure
Structure begins to build basic subatomic structure
– Atomic Structure –
Subatomic structure connects and forms atomic structures
– Complex atomic structure/Chemisty –
Atomic structures connect and attach to form complex atomic structure
– Atomic Interaction/chemical reactions –
Atomic structures interact and create chemical reactions which create an
environment for basic biology.
– Basic Biology –
Complex chemical reactions create the environment to create the first biology, which creates an environment for complex biology.
– Complex Biology –
Basic biology evolves (grows/develops) into more and more complex biology
– Society –

To be continued……

All the base elements were made from the proto-masses created with pull/polarity/spin and the energy this made.

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