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Our Anchor

Our anchor…. is the root or grounding, deep inside ourselves, that provides safe harbour to us at all times, and especially in times of turmoil. It is our birthright, bestowed on us by Life (many see it as the breath of the Spirit of God). This root never leaves us nor forsakes us. This is our guide to balance, using the abilities we have bestowed on us to navigate the physical world. It is unique and individual, just as we are all individual unique beings in this lifespan we have been given. Each is sacred, each is legitimate, each is wonderful. When we reach outwards for something to hold onto (regardless of if it is a person, a group, a relationship, a thing) , we miss out on the fact that every human being is born with everything we need inside ourselves.Nurture your inner root. Spend time each day taking care of your body and mind…… listen to your inner guide.

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