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Oceanic Awareness – a continuing story…

In the beginning was Awareness.
And the Awareness was like an ocean.
The Ocean of Awareness was without form or without “things”…. no divisions…. only Unity.
There was and will always be, nothing but the Oceanic Awareness.
And the Ocean of Awareness (the “God” of everything) , forever inquisitive, discovered how to pull themself into discreet parts, and the beginnings of the universe began to manifest.
All “things to be” from time past immemorial to time future, were and are, encompassed in the Oceanic Awareness.

So, in the beginning, the Ocean of Awareness was (and always will be), One….. Unity ……
There were (and always will be) no TRUE separations or divisions, no “thing” to distinguish between…. no TRUE “this and that”.
This One was, is and always will be, the essence of All Things….. one could say, “The Father of all things”, in all and through all, and surrounding all, and animating all.

The Ocean of Awareness began, out of their bosom, to form and separate “things”.

And the first pulling apart, created time and space, as before this primal “forming”, there was no environment to distinguish one thing from another (space), and no distinguishing of movement of time.

The forces created by “pulling negative from positive” (the beginning of the physical universe), created a solid base….. and movement and forces happened as an environment was created.

This solid base which was formed, created an environment to place “two things together”, and as such, diversity was created by those first “works”.

The “Particles” (things) and “Waves”(movement) and “Fields” (forces) created these basic forms, and this created an environment where those “things” could “stick together” and not simply “fly apart”.

Ocean from the Sky above….. diversity manifests from unity.

And the particles waves and fields could stick together, and thus combined into a myriad of forms, like colors in a rainbow.

And the elements and movement and brought about an environment where larger and larger “things” could exist…… pushing and pulling…. first forming clouds of gases, and those base elements creating spinning balls…. stars…. planets….. and the Oceanic Awareness saw this marvelous development and saw that it was “Good”. (there is no “thing” or “Being” which can/could/be able to, throw a “wrench in the works” of this “creation”, and create its downfall.
And the first chemical reactions gave way to elements and from the elements came the first biological things, and they evolved and diversified, all as parts of Oceanic Awareness….

(Is it possible that this Oceanic Awareness is in fact the “Father” or “Mother” stemcell? Could it be the full universal blueprint, planning, and scheduling in the same way as the human stemcell which can build a whole human body/mind from one zygote??)

The development of the universe continued (and continues) with the process put in place, from the root of things, and all these things and forces, time and space, are and always will, have their existence and be animated, by Oceanic Awareness.

So the development of the universe continued (s):
primordial forces and particles, creating the environment for
subatomic forces and particles, creating the environment for
atomic forces and particles, creating the environment for
elemental forces and particles, creating the environment for
complex elemental forces and particles, creating the environment for
the first biological things, creating the environment for
complex biological things which have the ability to evolve senses, creating the environment for
biological things harmonize with their surroundings, creating the environment for
biological beings sensing connectedness, creating the environment for
the necessity of primordial society, creating the environment for
a necessity for cooperative society, family relations………

This all being said (and it is a story, right?)
Humans have a need for society, and society needs rules for folks to work and live together.
The laws we put in place, when they serve this societal purpose, are beneficial to the necessities of living together.

When folks lose their sense of connectedness to Oceanic Awareness, and begin creating their own selfish goals and rules, and ignoring their intuitions and instincts, and ignore controlling those instincts for the sake of the greater societal good, they can create havoc, and thus deform the natural society which is created by Oceanic Awareness.

Getting lost in the mists of our minds…..

If we the human race, do not line up with the path that is set before us, we will only continue to cause destruction of our societies and the environment from which we have risen.

Will Oceanic Awareness eternally give chances to the human race, to live in the nature which we evolved in, or will there really be a reckoning?

Let’s put our effort into participating in Oceanic Awareness.

Just thinkin’………………

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