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A Rant on how messed up things are…..

Ranting….. 🙂 Have to ask myself this bunch of silly questions…..

“Should we turn over the money changers tables??

“This is a cry for individual responsibility and autonomy…………

started out asking these questions many moons ago, and still don’t have a good answer after all these years …… (well maybe we do have the answers, but choose to ignore them…..

How did we get into this mess we are in?

And what a freaking mess we are in!!!!

And it seems to be a snowball that no one can stop…..

It could be characterized as a person standing at an intersection in the middle of the night, waiting for the street light to change, when there wasn’t a vehicle on the road for miles….. what exactly are we being controlled by?

Why are we putting up with this mess instead of tearing it down and starting again???

At least we might have a clean system for a while…..

Are we fixated on becoming automatons? No! We want simple freedom!

We came to this continent to get away from the Kings Taxes, but now look what have we done???

Isn’t it time to say enough is enough?

Tired of working for the King?

Why do we need this chokehold of rules and regulations controlling our every move?

We all know that the leaders lost common sense long long ago…..

so why do we still dance this dance???

We live in harmony with our neighbours IN SPITE of govt interference in our lives……

Do we need to be controlled like children? Or are we disobedient little Bart Simpsons who need to be told what to do. (How is that going for us??)

Do we have the ability to have a harmonious society without a govt telling what do to?

Do we have inborn rules of how to live with each other?

We had “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” many many years ago.

Five hundred years before Jesus, Confucius set forth his own Golden Rule: “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.”

I say live by this simple guideline, and get called naive…… kay…. fine….

From the beginning of time, we have had the means to live together in harmony….. so why do we always end up with these police states and empires????

And why do we always end up with these stifling religions which support that structure??

how did humanity survive before religions and governments?

The structure of both government and religions is that they have a set of rules built on a made-up propaganda which they clad with iron, and everyone has to follow those rules and believe that propaganda if they want to function smoothly in that society.

When the question “why” comes up, they threaten or shame that person into being silent……

They then villianize and point the finger at the other fellows in another country or group, who are doing the same damn thing…..

But we kind of like those institutions, don’t we….. because they make things simple for us….. we can have a “cushy” little life…. but what have we given up in the process? (i like the cushy life too!! btw)

Reading the constitution of the USA says what the original plan was……

when did that get lost??

The rant continued…..

Before “Canada” existed, whose property was this place?

Okay, fine ……. before the migration of humans across the Berengia landbridge 15 to 20 thousand years ago, whose property was this place we now call North America?

When did the government decide that they own all the land, and “allow” us to “rent” it?

Who made up that rule?

Who IS a government anyways?

And if we say that they speak for us, how long ago did THAT idea go off the rails?

So many runaway rules and institutions….. started out good… but then morphed into this mess…..

In fact, do humans and governments own property?

Do any of us own anything?

(Come in empty handed, go out emptyhanded)

Should we turn over the money changers tables??

Perhaps its time to turn this thing around….

probably first by clarifying what we are doing wrong…..

we COULD be up to the task if we truly wished….

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