Just Thinkin'


Trying to prove a set of scriptures right or wrong is really wasting the precious time we have on this earth.

All i see happening here is confirmation bias.

The Christians are exaggerating their “proofs”, and ignoring the facts which do not fit with what they believe….

all of which gives the non-Christians ammunition in their naysaying.

The Non-Christians are using the same tactics, exaggerating their claims, ignoring the facts that ARE there, and NEITHER side is getting any closer to the reality……..

a person does not need to “take a side”.

Simply live in the facts….

stop being FOR or AGAINST something…..

yes, we can live like that……

stop fighting reality with your “proofs”…..

as long as there is a tug of war, no one is winning.

What is with the love of fighting…

the love of having an enemy….. drop all that…. ah… but then that would be too simple, and both sides will say i am naive.

What is being gained by this eternalogue…… as long as religion and moralistic thought rules, there will be wars and rumours of wars.

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