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Oceanic Awareness as an explanation for everything which Exists

Is there a system in everything we see?
Scientists fear this question, because if they say yes, then the religion folks jump on them and say that the system is some sort of intelligent design(er)…. ie. Some sort of god. So, instead they (not all of them, but as a group) lean away from admitting that there is a system in everything we see….
in fact, experimentation is simply finding a system in what they see…….

Every experiment is a proof of system. If there were no system, no experiments could be done. The fact that an experiment can be done with the same results more than once is proof there is a system.

So, it becomes the “which came first, the chicken or the egg” issue….. It is an endless circular argument. (i.e. if there is a system in the universe, then who or what created that system)
i postulate that the awareness we personally (individual humans) experience, is none other, than a part of ubiquitous (present everywhere and in and thru everything) oceanic awareness, and that ubiquitous oceanic awareness is the “ground of all being”. Upon that ground of being, all forms physical and otherwise, are built.

So, if we personally have awareness, then where does it arise from? It seems that even plants strive to sense their surroundings…. flowers turning to the sun…..
It seems that even insects work in some sort of flow with others of their kind….. ant hills, beehives, etc….
In the past, we have attributed the need for a brain, for the ability to be aware (and further to be self-aware) Now, we are beginning to see that this “awareness” is happening in things which do not have a “brain”…… the door is opening….. step on thru. 🙂
So….. just putting it out there……
Is it possible that we have the answer, but have flipped it on its head (upside down)??
Is it possible that the root of everything is some sort of oceanic awareness which grows individuality, and then strives to grow senses in order to sense its surroundings??
You can see that this is a touchy question, because all of a sudden, the human brain imagines a god into the system.

So, just putting it out there….. is the root of everything oceanic awareness, and that, individual awareness, and in fact the physical universe, striving thru its “individual parts” to sense or have individual awareness (ah, that makes sense…. if there is no physical “things”, there can be no individuality the way we experience it as humans!!!) ? For myself, this is far closer to what i experience, than some sort of intellectually imagined system or god explanation …….

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