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The diversion from our Inner Fullness……. is Neediness

Neediness is the mind being hungry for an object.

Neediness…. the single most dangerous diversion from our inner balance. Sneaky little devil that it is…….

Neediness is not associated with our 5 senses, although it tricks us into thinking it is.

Neediness is the mind being hungry for an object.

And how do we not be taken in by a sense of neediness or desire?

By recognizing that we live in a constant state of inner fullness.
(When neediness hits, turn your eye inward, and find the place which is full when your stomach is empty)

Neediness itself, can make us aware that our attention has shifted from our inner state of fullness, to a grasping for something outside.

This is why neediness comes in the form of “hunger”.

It began when we were born……….. first hungry for air, and then for milk……

Before that, when we were in our mothers womb, we were in a state of balance.

So, we can live in a state of hunger… never being satisfied with the objects in our possession, or we can live in that inner state of balance. It is our choice.

In a way, the urge to grasp for an exterior God is a part of this neediness….. reaching out for that “thing that is missing”….. but it SHOULD point us to find that completing factor in our inner being.That is our birthright. Strong. Unconditional.

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