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We have always known that the creative forces which have put this physical universe in place were beyond definition …. so awesome … beyond understanding ……. but regardless, we have always tried to contemplate the nature of it.

Our concepts of personhood don’t really help us in our contemplations.

The English language, and possibly all languages??, only have the following singular pronouns….. me, you, he and she, and it…. It, being reserved for any “thing” “lower” than human….

So, the way we contemplate “God” or the creative force, when we speak of it, we can only use the pronouns allotted to us……. right?

This, in a way, is why concepts like pantheism are so anathema to Christian believers. Because who would dare to call “God” an “it”, as…she…er….it…. is higher than the human he/she/its……

So the search to have some sort of mental picture of the Creator fails us.

Now, as Francis Schaeffer once said, “mind cannot rise from non-mind”….. and so there is a conundrum of how mind came into being. Therefore there must be a Mind which has formed the human mind…… real conundrum….. sounds like the concept of God is popping up….. but the scientists hair stands on end at the thought of the “Intelligent Design” folks taking this ball and running for the end zone.

And we also sense that this “God” is pure, and therefore, cannot be touched by “evil”……. so there is a chasm or separation between the creator and the created, which cannot be bridged in any natural form……

So. because we could not fathom that God being on the same plane as the rest of us poor slobs, we created a “supernatural” place for “Him/Her” to abide…… thus Heaven, Valhalla, etc.

And yes, we had to consider that Evil must be separated from God, as God is the opposite of Evil (Good vs Evil)

This in turn requires some sort of a sacrifice to bridge this chasm between the Creator and the created. Sacrifice has always been the answer to humans getting what they want…..

But if, as some sense, (as do i), that there is no chasm between the “creator” and the “created”, then how do we contemplate that?

Well, even the Christian scriptures have the “in all and through all” concept, but they cannot consider that this “in all and through all” means “God is in and thru everything”….. this is because of the concept of “evil”. Another conundrum……

As those same scriptures state, God is light and good, and there is no darkness in him. (because we see evil and darkness to be the antithesis… the enemy of God.)

Of course there is also the thinking that “if God is not the god of evil, then he isn’t really god of everything……..

But this concept of the universe is no longer valid, if we trust what science has unveiled for us in the past several 100’s of years.

So, it becomes a boxing match of “no, this literal reading of who the Creator is is correct, so you can’t say the Creator is a force… He is not an It, He is a person” and the other side punching back with “there is no proof of a personal God, and so we pantheists are correct in calling Him and It”

It is truly a conundrum.

i love to play “what if”…….

Was talking to a friend the other day, and we were saying that if we humans are ALL a part of this ubiquitous “inner life” system, as a birthright inherited from the Creator of all, (which i like to call the superpersonal (ah… that word) ocean of creative awareness…. actually, that seems to really ring a bell), then we are all receiving our insight from the same “inner source”….. from there, we interpret it based on our culture and upbringing. Therefore, this means that we can find illumination from every source, and some sources will speak to us louder than others. Not a syncretism, or “belief soup” made from all beliefs, but an acceptance and respect of a rainbow of sources.
This is why the “Boogeyman” mentality is so dangerous, because as long as we think there is a Satan lurking there….. we cannot therefore trust our own intuitions….. we think it might be “Satan trying to trick me”…… this is also our excuse to think anyone who doesn’t think the same as us, is likewise being tricked…… but there is no need for “evil” to exist as an entity as an enemy of God …. that is actually dualism or dichotomy thinking …. not theism ……
Yes, dualism IS the basis of the physical universe, positive and negative, but not some evil force which defies the Creator…..

The root of all is Unity, not duality, but in order to have a physical universe, that unity gets separated into negative and positive “packages” …. So, in our limited understanding, we consider that this duality goes all the way to the root of all, but that is wrong thinking….. Yes, there is a “bad wolf”, but it is usually our own ignorance, or our bitterness that is talking, trying to get payback for the hurts and disappointments we endure in life….. Frankly, i think that is why the first and second stories of the bible are about rejection vs acceptance…… that is the biggey that points us in a poor life direction.

But remove that boogeyman, and we allow ourselves to be different, from different cultures, with different interpretations, but still be brothers and sisters learning from each other.


So “what if” we started to contemplate the Creator of All, as a super-personhood being…… what would we use for a pronoun….. (careful, there are alot of new pronouns being thrown around these days!!!)

How about the concept in the Christian scriptures…. “I-AM”……..

If I-AM is in all and thru all and yet can be in the closest relationship with human “persons”….. as the essence of all, and yet in the most intimate relationship with all the “created things”, just as a stemcell in a body, where ALL is in each part.

Think on this……..

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