Self Inquiry

Basic Self-Inquiry Method

Here is a very specific self- inquiry practice for those who might be interested.

i have mentioned this in other posts, but this is short and to the point…..

Just would like to say that this is how i learned to resolve deep hurt once and for all, instead of continuing to ruminate on it….. (basic self-inquiry method 101)

– Get in a quiet place….. when the pain is full on….
– meditation pose is best or sitting straight and relaxed …..
sit, relax, focus….

1.) Take the hurt under your arm, like a little brother or sister.
– pay close attention to where this hurt is placing a tension or knot in your body…… remain aware of it.

2.) Ask for the whole story of what is hurting, and give it time to pour the whole hurt out. Accept it completely. Feel it completely…

3.) Once the story is finished, ask sincerely “is this story true, or false, or exaggerated?” Accept the answer completely.

4.) Once the answer is clear, ask “Can you let this go?”…..
If the answer is no, then ask “is there a time in the future when you might be able to let this go?….. accept it, and pay attention to the reasons why it can’t be dropped….. (can be very enlightening, actually)

If the answer is yes, then “let it go”, and pay attention to the place in your body that was tense…..
Let it go….. sense what is happening….. you are actually walking out of that prison…..

5.) if the associated tension vaporizes when you let it go, take a day off, and don’t consider this until the following day……

Doubt will try to rise and say “nothing happened”, “this doesn’t work”….. but let those
things pass like clouds in the sky. Just don’t take any of these doubts have any sway….

In my experience, the day after, a new sense of freedom will display itself.

Many might say, that this isn’t a “be all and end all” of problem solvers, but it has been just that for me.

In this process, there is no room for blaming either yourself or anyone else, or the circumstance itself, it is simply dropping it as something to ruminate on any more. Whoosh.

Note: i found out that many times, the reason why i didn’t want to drop my pain, was massive anger for being treated the way i was , and stories like “after all that i did for that person, they just dumped me”….etc…..

THOSE FEELINGS ARE THE PROBLEM, and NOT the actual event itself.

What we are doing is relinquishing the right to this memory coming up in our throat anymore.

This is “I” making a choice, and giving up “my” right to keep holding this grudge or anger.

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