Q-Anon Conspiracy Theory - 2020's mind virus

Q-Anon conspiracy Doctrines – the REAL virus of the 2020’s

From what i have seen, the 2 greatest factors changing 2020’s folks worldview are the extreme liberal ideologies and Q-Anon retaliatory and exaggerated response.

In many ways, it is extremist rationalism on the one side vs “the believers in the hidden and unseen forces of evil”. (The believers in the hidden and unseen forces of evil at play in the world today)

There is, of course, the road in the middle between these two ditches…. “Common Sense”, but it seems to have been renamed “No Mans Land”, with both extremist sides laying in their respective ditch pointing their sniper rifles at the other side.

The road in the middle, Common Sense, is now considered an acceptable collateral damage for both sides…..

The problem with this type of struggle “tug of war” mentality, is that both sides forget that they are “trying to create a balance”, when the balance is actually right in the middle between their two factions.

i am going to start posting examples of the “what the radical right” is saying that the “radical left” is doing……

i like to call the Q-Anon theories “Food Combo #3″… not because it is the 3rd version, but just to intimate that it is a combo of tasty theories which, when thrown together on a plate, draws the “the believers in the hidden and unseen forces of evil” to drive all the way across town to line up at its buffet.
Once eaten, it creates a virus which flows like wildfire through their population like wildfire.

This Q-Anon group has built a fortress to protect themselves from this “unseen evil”, which fits in perfectly with western evangelicalism. Western evangelicalism at its root, believes in this unseen evil, and its evil demons and forces. Granted, humans often use their ability to dodge and hide, to cover their harmful ways, but when we add a ubiquitous story of a “War between Good and Evil” into the mix, its creator, the human mind, goes beserk with fear.

more later…….

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