Chinese Immigrants in the B.C. Gold Rush


There was a large and prosperous Chinese community in Barkerville, B.C., a center in the 1860’s.

Early Chinese Canadian gold miners remembered for their contribution to B.C.’s Cariboo communities

“The Cariboo Gold Rush from 1861 to 1867 attracted thousands of prospectors from other parts of Canada, Britain, the United States, Latin America and China. The Royal B.C. Museum says many Chinese prospectors chose to make the Cariboo their new home and ran farms, grocery stores and other businesses to serve local communities.

Townsend, who volunteers with the Quesnel and District Museum and Archives, said based on her interpretation of census data, mining records and newspaper articles, Ah Bau was born around 1840 in China, and started mining in the North Cariboo as early as 1862 in what is known today as the Ahbau Creek watershed between Quesnel and Hixon.”

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