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The Human Body and its relationship to the Quantum World

A while back, i had a discussion with a friend who said post modernism is to blame for the loss of standards and word definitions we are seeing today. He felt that post-modernism says that not only can we not prove anything exists outside ourselves, but that all experience is the product of our human brain, and that there is no objective reality.

But it isn’t really post-modernism that is to blame for this twilight zone mentality we see so prevalent these days, it is simply a misunderstanding of the world we live in.

With the discovery of the Quantum World which underlies our physical world, many of folks have started to imagine that the same strange rules that seem to rule the quantum world, are also the definition of our level of existence. Thus, a cup became “maybe its a cup to you, but it might not be a cup to me”. This is truly a slippery slope from reality to a land of “no rules” and “no true definitions”. (Of course all the folks who swallow this live in the same world as the rest of us do, but have varying degrees of vain imaginings about their relationship to it…. unless they are on currenly on mind altering drugs. 🙂

That idea that we live in a quantum world, is simply not EXPERIENTIALLY true.

They have wrongly assumed from this quantum concept that there is no real objective world that is the same for every human being, and thus any persons subjective experience is as true as anyone else’s subjective experience.

So even though the cup holding your tea may be a swirling mass of particles, we DO NOT experience life like that, and to make our understanding of life based on that type of an incorrect assumption REALLY messes up our society when it is taken to its logical conclusion.

The last time i made a tweet regarding this, i used an example that was considered offensive regarding a test to see if the physical world is “solid”, and got reprimanded for it and locked out… so i won’t use that example again.

Any test you might do, to see if the human body is impacted by the laws of the physical world, will show that we live in a world is based on cause and effect, and we have no options in how we are related to it. (otoh, of course we can imagine virtually anything with our minds)

Our experiencing of the world, is in the level of the physical world (although we may sometimes experience a eureka moment where we can see our deep connectedness to the underlying non-physical world) from the moment of our birth to our last breath.

It is wrong thinking that we can experience life on “another plane” or experience it in a “Quantum fashion”.

This might not seem like a big deal to many, but the fact is that many of our most recent changes in worldview, are based on this wrong thinking, and therefore using it as a core belief can be quite serious and dangerous.

So…..if you are wondering if this physical world is real or not, pick any experiment where your body and some other part of the physical world, and try it to find an outcome…. do it several times if need be…. the result will be the same:

We are physical bodies in a physical world, and it is on “hard lock”.

On the other hand, we each have a unique perspective of the real objective world, and we will see things from OUR perspective, while others will see things from theirs.

But the reality of our unique perspective is that is it ROOTED in the reality of the physical world.

2 thoughts on “The Human Body and its relationship to the Quantum World

  1. Thank you Norma. There is more in depth information about how the quantum world works vs how our level of the physical world works and how our body and senses are completely tuned to it.
    I see folks every day spouting about “What is my reality is not your reality” and it is just wrong thinking. Our “Level” is the relationship between our physical size and the earths gravity, for one example. We can’t lift what an ant does, and we will not someday discover how to fly like Neo in Matrix. It is pure fairytale thinking. This doesn’t make our world any less awesome.


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