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Why do we humans wish to live in groups? What Social set of rules can work in a group?

Here are a set of statements that in my estimation, make up the logic of the “WHY” of social rules:

1) The definition of RULES OF A SOCIETY: A set of rules which protects its members, and allows groups of folks to live together, w/o harming each other. A society can only work if all members agree to control their actions, to not harm others, and who abide by those social rules.

2) Our #1 instinct is to protect ourselves and survive, but we are also social animals. If we wish to live in a group, then we must limit our actions, and agree to function within a set of social rules.

3) If we do not agree with the set of social rules in our society, we must work within that set of social rules to change them to a more workable set. In the process, if we get violent and/or break those rules, we must realize that we will face the outcome of our actions.

4) Therefore, it is very simple. If there are persons who refuse to live within these social rules, or to work within the rules to revise them to a better set, then they must be either punished or they must leave the community. Anything else is just sh*t disturbing.

5) Misunderstanding of the reason for this, please refer to comment #1.

6) If all special interest groups are clamouring to get a sense of legitimacy in the society, then how is it possible to bring satisfaction to all of them?

7) Is it possible to force the majority to cede its control to all the special interest groups? If not, is it possible to set up social standards that make them all feel “special” and accepted?

8) Can we find answers to these questions, instead of infighting, before it creates an outbreak of “omg”?

Would love to hear comments both pro and con to these statements.

Are they true?

Are they racist?

Are they inequal?

Is it possible to have a government of a society that implements the will of the society, and not spend all its time forming its own set of rules which are inconsistent with the will of the people?

How is the “Will of the People” arrived at?

Is it any more correct or good, to have smaller groups within the population lobby the elected government to force the larger groups to succumb to their wishes, than to have the larger groups lobby the elected government to force the smaller groups to succumb to their wishes?

How do we resolve these questions and still keep an orderly society where people of all groups can live and work and have a sense that their life is going in a positive direction?

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