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A new framework for Democracy

“If we wish to live in a multi-cultural, multi-belief system, multi-ideology society,perhaps our leadership model needs to change to reflect all the various groups being given a representative to vote for them, instead of a one leader, multi-party system? i.e. A Council coming to multi-partisan decisions. It might help to stop us from the tendency of a majority government running down rabbit trails based on their parties ideological quirks, and provide a voice to all parties.”

“How is that workin for ya?”
Somewhere along the line, we North Americans have come to realize that the type of democratic process we now have, is NOT some sort of cast in stone “Gospel Truth”. I make this comparison to religious fundamentalism, because fundamentalist defenders of the “Divine Inspiration of their scriptures” will never look forward for any truth outside their existing beliefs. Why? Because they believe that “Gods revelation in the Bible is full and complete: absolute truth, so any varying from that truth is considered “a slippery slope used by Satan to deceive believers away from the truth which God has revealed”.
End of story, no room for an upgrade or further revelation. Closed system.

We should never use this type of thinking when we look at government.
Historically in world government, we have devised new systems, evolving as our needs evolve, to suit each periods social changes as necessary…. (although sometimes it has taken a revolution to bring about those changes. and that is a pitiful way to go about things)

Since the last changes were made to our North American styles of government between 150 and 250 years ago, we have gradually come to blindly defend our countries tenets in the same way as fundamentalist religions… so rather than look for a system upgrade, which can morph with our needs, we blindly defend the cast in stone “absolute truth” in our constitutions. This is living a pipedream, and because we are not willing to “revise as needed” our systems are facing numerous revolts.

From the latest news from Israel, we can see how those who consider themselves to be “us” use government to try to bring in laws against any “them”‘s out there in their country. This is standard fare… protect yourselves against any enemies foreign or domestic… etc etc.Typical

That amounts to simple tribalism. But in a mixed society like the one we live in, if we choose to live together, we must realize that any group who considers themselves to represent “the majority” (in fact that is how they get elected) must shift into “suppress and marginalize mode” against the minorities that exist there.

So, even though defenders of our styles of govt are defending the current shape of govt, like a religious fundamentalist group defends their faith, perhaps some form of Governing body made up of representatives from all groups, might be able to find a way to live together peacefully

Here is the beginning of a discussion on Where we currently find ourselves, Where we NEED to be, and the beginning of a dialogue of What path do we need to travel to get from A to B.

Currently, various vocal groups thinking of how to resolve our present predicament, are suggesting either totalitarian power methods being given to the Government, or trying to revert the world back to a time when things were simpler (Conservative backwards looking methods)

Our North American governments are still working within the same framework as they were when the settlement of our countries suppressed and tried to assimilate the original North American peoples. This framework must be changed. It is simply the majority using power to rule.

We must come up with a more suitable methodology and guiding worldview where all groups can work together in concert and in peace, to provide fair and just rules and opportunities for all. This can never happen in a “Majority takes all and rules all” scenario. (Perhaps we need to begin by considering whether or not our current worldview is suitable to the task ahead of us.*)

If we wish to live in a multi-cultural, multi-belief system, multi-ideology society, PERHAPS our leadership model needs to change into one which reflects all the various groups being given a representative to vote for them, instead of a one leader system?

Otherwise, i fear our system will struggle until it gets ripped apart by this framework of “one majority group fighting to maintain control” over what has become, in our present day, a kaleidoscope of individuality.


Is it possible, for 21st century North American Society to survive the current deadly culture war we are experiencing without being pulled apart at the seams.

Perhaps it would be best to:

1.) characterize what our society looks like today

2.) imagine what a workable goal might be for a new social structure

3.) Consider what path may lead us from our current point “A” to that point “B”.

A potential definition of our current society

“A society which is made up of multiple ethnicities, multi belief systems, and multi ideologies, struggling to maintain a set of rules which at best suits 50% (for discussion sake) of the population (lets call it the majority), which then necessitates the repression and marginalizing of the numerous minorities which make up the other 50%, and which alternately would force the various minorities to be separated, as European models have historically done”

A future goal definition of our society

“A society where our multiple ethnicities, multi belief systems, and multi ideologies, can work together in concert and in peace, to provide fair and just rules and opportunities for all.”

What path could possibly lead us from our current Society “A” to that Society “B”?

What we have currently, is a huge number of these various groups, who feel suppressed and marginalized, continuously lobbying our governments, each clamouring to be included as a legitimate group: to be treated fairly within the system. The current system is not suited to anything but a majority ruling over its citizens, and putting any “misbehaving” groups in their place… the cycle repeats itself with new dis-satisfied groups pushing their way to the forefront for attention.. and so on and so on.

So, for starters, this new style of government, could very much look like a “Council”, where there could still be a figurehead person (if necessary) who had the final vote on issues, or perhaps only in the case of a tied vote.

This type of governmental style was the way the North American original peoples came govern themselves, bring peace to many tribes in a co-operative manner.

Perhaps if we hadn’t have been so anxious to suppress them and minimize them we would have built a co-operative and not a suppress the minorities type of government. Perhaps they had a North American method of living “mixed culture” before we even came to this country.

Rewrote this and then my internet did a “i no worky” thing and lost it all…. will re-rewrite it again soon.

New Note:

“Maybe we need a Council or town meeting with folks either there or virtually there (We are in the age of Internet after all!!) RIGHT NEXT TO THE PM at least 3 days a week so that common folks issues are what the PM and Parliament is dealing with.
Maybe that would keep them in touch with the things we are concerned about.

The way they used to do it if there was a king benevolent enough to care about his people.

Canadian (and American) governments now = all whims of the guy in charge.
The PEOPLE are priority #1 (and #2 and #3 and #4…)
And that doesn’t change after being elected!!!!🪶🤠


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