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Humans….. What is our purpose? Why are we here?

Humans…. Why are we here? What is our purpose? Good question…..

Well, the “purpose” of soil and air and water and sunlight seems to be the nurture of living things on this planet… as a system.

But was soil, air, water and sunlight “created” to do this?

Is there some sort of external planner making dirt so it can grow things? Or did it just happen?

Well, there is certainly a system, isn’t there?….. of course…. that is self-evident…. and the system seems to be aware…. or perhaps the base characteristic of the system is awareness itself….. it seems to be manifest in everything…. popping up everywhere….

We see awareness in plants turning to see the sunlight, we see the awareness in bee colonies…… where brain development would seem to be inadequate for making the harmonious activity we see happening …..

So, in the end, all the parts of this physical world, being, functioning…. living and breathing and functioning in a mass choir of song, harmoniously taking and giving back to this aware system.

So then, we see soil….. and it simply is soil….. and we see the soil working in relationship with water and sunlight….

and we see the soil simply IS, and we also see the soil’s functioning…. soil DOES “growing things”……

and we see the water simply IS, and we also see the water’s functioning… Water DOES “growing things”……

and we see the sunlight simply IS, and we also see the sunlight’s functioning….. sunlight DOES “growing things”……

If these things didn’t exist, or only existed in thought, then they would neither actually BE nor would they be able to have a FUNCTION.

But these things DO exist, and they have FUNCTION.

The soil, and air, and water, and sunlight all go about their tasks without discontent, asking, complaining or pouting….. so why do humans do this?

If a human honestly and diligently puts this question in motion, and looks inside their awareness for the solution, the seed inside that person will show its “purpose”. When that is discovered, that persons sense of being an orphan will vanish….. and that person will experience purpose.

The “purpose” will show itself, not in “understanding”, but rather in direct experience. And then that “person” can get back to harmoniously taking and giving back to this aware system…. which is our natural position in the world of things.

🙏🙏🙏 Gassho

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