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Listening to our Inner Therapist

Listening to our Inner Therapist

“Just as our body has a system which knows how to fight off sickness and intruders, we are all born with an inner guide or system which has the ability to self-correct our sense of “home”.” (vs. lostness)

It seems that our DNA physical bodies set of tools includes a GPS, a bit like the instinct a bird has to head south (and know which direction that is). This GPS instinct makes us have discomfort the further we move away from our sense of “home”… some might call it conscience ….. (we begin feeling lost, and start flailing about, perhaps looking for intellectual or mystical answers to life questions….)

When we stubbornly continue in a direction which is against our sense of home, our GPS will become more and more insistent about pulling us back. If we still continue stubbornly moving in the direction away from our sense of home, we will have to find a way to suppress that GPS and its urgings. This could be called “choosing darkness instead of walking in the light”.

We need to listen to our “heart”….. this inborn sense of home…..

On the other hand, there is also a set of tools (rules) which we learn from our parents and other teachings, which are not necessarily in line with our internal GPS, and when these rules begin to warn us (similar to our internal GPS) they will feel similar to our inborn equipment, and therefore can actually create a “tug of war” with our inborn sense. (a sense that something is wrong)

The best time to find and weed out these “learned instincts”, is exactly while that inner tug of war is active.

Ask into that push-pull/stuck sense…. ask for its story…. accept it as an older sibling listening to a younger one….. ask if this story and its stuckness is true, or false, or exaggerated…… sense the place in the body that this is creating tension…. realize that carrying this is not conducive to your sense of well-being….. ask if you can let it go…… sense the whoosh of the stuckness and tension washing away…… then recognize how this new lighter sense feels more like an “original sense”… more like “home” ….. like when you were young, and before this weight had become part of your normal sense.

This process is the best way i have found of cleaning up “nurture” vs “nature” issues…. and it goes far beyond any cleansing which an exterior therapist might be able to touch.

In the end, it is our sense of well-being which lets us find “home”…. and home is perfect well-being…. even in the midst of a storm.

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