Body/Mind - How we use our resources

Our Inner Guide reminds us to return to our Inner Light

Feeling depressed is simply our inner guide telling us that we are too far away from the light at our core. Returning to balance is only a matter of returning to the present sense that everything is perfect as it always has been. (takes practice and diligence)

The feeling that something is not right, is simply our inner guide reminding us that we have blocked out our inner light in some way. If we take this sense of something not being right to be a real lacking inside ourselves, we have missed the point.

Our inner core was, is and always will be full, and our source of light. That is our human makeup. There is no need to look elsewhere. When we look elsewhere, it moves us away from our inner core.

Our human “package” is one of fullness, and only moves from light to darkness when we lose track of our inner core.

Our inner core is “home”….

as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be, world without end.

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