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We need to alter humanities current direction!

The Eurocentrist view which has become predominant in the world today, has been many many centuries in the making. It is part of an arrogant worldview which needs to be dealt with and eradicated, in order for ingrained social and racial injustice to be dealt with effectively.

Eurocentrism is a part of a larger worldview of materialism, where humans think that control and consumption is a way towards having something better and more satisfying than what we have at this moment. It is simply a symptom of our human dis-satisfaction with life.

Along with this Eurocentrist and materialistic viewpoint, is the concept that the structures which Europe has developed in terms of religion, government and capitalism are some sort of epitomy of human civilization. This has reached a screaming level of arrogance of the “Trump” type. It is time to change the world’s course… time to change worldviews…. it is also the first time in history where we no longer need to rely on superstitious viewpoints to formulate our worldview. We live in an age where correct understanding of our place in the universe is coming clear.

A further problem is that many non-European countries have bought into these self centered viewpoints, making consumption, control, individual rights, and self-centered satisfying of our neediness into some sort of religious mantra.
The only way to sort out such a mess is to start a new teaching with which to bring humankind to a worldview where we understand our actual place in this physical universe, and recognize how all of nature is interconnected… how all humanity is interconnected…. how our “neediness” is simply an inner lack of knowing who we are, and that control and consumption will never fill the false void we feel inside.

It is time to bring humanity out of its dark age, and into the light.
This type of project can only be built with a sense of fullness, and not with a sense of injustice…… it cannot be built on a sense of retribution……
If there were ever an urgent time for change, it seems to be now.


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