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Just thinkin’….. about the need for society – Part 1

Just thinkin’ about the need for society…..It seems to be a foregone assumption that humans need society, and if that is the case, that society will need some form of covenant, guidelines or rules, and that there would need to be some sort of enforcement of those guidelines.That being said, our use of societies and social guidelines is necessary to humans living together……. isn’t it?That being said, we have the current situation where we have multiple social values coming into close contact, and conflicting with each other. Can they learn to live together in harmony?There seems to be a current flow of unrest due to folks being dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and how it has come to be. Much of this has been due to the powerful and rich nations building their empires on the backs of minorities.So, a process of tearing down has started…..Will everything end in anarchy before we begin looking for answers to the problem? (or, as my christian friends are saying, will it end up with Armageddon?) Can we come up with an overarching set of inter-societal guidelines with which to find a harmony, or do we need to separate like a bunch of disobedient children into our own rooms?The current environment of despair almost seems to be tending towards the whole thing falling apart…….Have we really come to the place where there is no answer?i for one have faith that we can find a way out of this mess…….If that is the case, we need to stop making the same mistakes we have been making, assuming that something workable will come out of what has already proven to be an unworkable system.That is called “Grabbing the muffin”, (where the muffin has been proven to have an electrical charge that zaps me each time i grab it…. yet i just keep grabbing the muffin, figuring that THIS TIME things will work out differently)I have to ask “HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT FOR US???”

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