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Science, Superstition and Beliefs

One of the wonderful things about living in the 21st century, is that scientific research relating to the human body and mind has begun to, in some cases prove… and in other cases debunk, many of the speculative theories about our view of the human body and mind which have been passed down to us by our ancestors and traditional writings.

First, this research has been gradually proving that our body and mind are far more interconnected than western thinking had traditionally admitted.

Second, the results of this research are giving a stable ground to how the body and mind MUTUALLY create our sense of who we are, and our sense of well-being.

Thirdly, it is gradually showing us that, while our individual “place in the world” is defined by our “life circumstances”, it is our body/mind which controls our relationship to it.

For example, until recently anyone could say anything about what they believed, and there was nothing that another person could do to prove or disprove it. The only evidence for our belief in something, was our subjective speculation.

As scientific research has begun to catch up in provable data, much of the subjective speculation we have used to interpret how we see the world (our worldview) has been placed in one of two categories: speculation with no research data to back it up, and speculation which has been proven out by research data.

“The parable of the rock and the sand is very correct, when it relates to basing our knowledge about ourselves on science, as opposed to speculative superstition.”

While religious folks often use speculative superstition to veto scientific fact, the reasons they use for doing this are being slowly and surely being shown to not be rooted in reality.

In fact, it is our interpretation of what we experience both with our 5 senses and our inner person, that creates either a world rooted in reality, or a world rooted in superstition. It also forms our worldview.

Humanity has, for many many years, used beliefs in a spirit world, to give us a sense of hope and safety.

While on the one hand, science has gradually peeled away any proof of this spirit world existing, on the other hand, science has begun to show us that what we felt we needed a spirit world for, is built into us, in our natural world.

What once was “that which is not seen” was considered spirit, it is now being shown that, rather than proving something “Does not exist”, science is showing us that what we once thought was a spirit world, is actually a part of our natural world.

Whereas we used to believe in a duality of the physical universe and a separate world of spirit, we are now seeing that there is a deeper nature which births and continuously carries the physical universe.

In fact, this gives us a whole new way of seeing and considering the universe, and our place in it. In fact is gives us the chance to rework our worldview, rooted in solid scientific fact. (although the interpretation of those facts are and always will be evolving based on new data as it becomes available.)

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