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True Nature – like Fibre-Optics

One analogy of the System of the Universe ...... could be to visualize a light source of a ball of fibre-optics lines, with the fibre-optics line ends splaying out, and each end seated in the Source, and the "outer" end showing the Sources picture. The received image from the Source is the same for all.....… Continue reading True Nature – like Fibre-Optics

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On Diligence – Notes

I like the word diligence. Diligence "works". (Note to myself.....) By not living life diligently, we put ourselves on a treadmill. Actually, what we all ARE on is a “down” escalator, walking up..... and we need to put enough effort into our life, that we reach the next floor, or we will always be ending… Continue reading On Diligence – Notes

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June 12 2017 – Bead Moments – Cartoon

  The Bead Moment.... “every” moment.... Now, new moment .....clean moment or Not now, old moment....  smoky moment --------------- In this instant..... in this moment, and every moment, this one mind is either carrying baggage or it is unfettered. Now, in this "next" moment, (because the last moment is not here anymore, it only remains… Continue reading June 12 2017 – Bead Moments – Cartoon

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Duality is Oneness in Action – God in Action

Oneness is Reality (God), and this is a mystery. Nature is Reality, and this is a mystery. Duality is Reality (God) on stage. Duality is divinity on stage (both the stage and the actors) Oneness is being, Duality is function. Duality is shot through with oneness. Duality is Oneness.... in motion... moving. The one substance....… Continue reading Duality is Oneness in Action – God in Action

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Relationships : Life and Blame

Buddhism says that all of our life's content.... its good things and its bad things, are due to our own doing..... growing out as fruit from our actions. Not other persons actions.............. Not external situations............. Our own actions....   Then there is Relationships................ In two persons life together... in their relationship, who can remember the… Continue reading Relationships : Life and Blame

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The Beginning and Ending of Suffering

"This moment" and "I" have an issue. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Witness: This moment is perfect, just as it is.   Commentary: The beginning of struggle and suffering is when the "I" separates from "this moment the way it is", and wants something "other than the way it is". This is a misunderstanding which i have had all… Continue reading The Beginning and Ending of Suffering

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Supernatural and Natural – Separateness or Oneness

Of course, the thoughts I am writing here, in fact all that I write, is subject to revision in the future, if what I see changes but up to this point, the flow all seems to be in one direction. Stated clearly, I am inclined to think that there is no division between supernatural and… Continue reading Supernatural and Natural – Separateness or Oneness